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At the edge of the bakery industry for 30 years, first and foremost we are passionate about nutritive low gluten breads.

Food is elements that we introduce into our body every day, so do we all instinctively understand that they will have an impact on our health?  I do.

Our first customer back in 1991 was Princess Diana's favourite Menage a Trois for the restaurants with the very young and charismatic Head Chef Gary Rhodes, the flamboyant Antonio Carluccio for the Deli, Pret a manger with Julian  Metcalfe for the Chain, Jamie Oliver for the Caffe Brasserie, European Bank President himself for the corporate ,Ivana Trump for the private ........our latest Sorrel for the Michelin Restaurants and now this is our favourite, Surrey consumers trough our weekly deliveries or simply a one to one at our sales-points.

We are now working on the latest Oxshott/Leatherhead Decamps 50 seats Caffe Gourmand  regrouping all my personnal experience into is selfishelly focus on the food, nothing else.

Ironically, It feels that I never worked a day in my life,

My promise to you, my entire life has been around real food therefore all products carefully picked are for me, I hope you enjoy them as I do. 

Check our contact page for our boutique locations and Surrey delivery options.

Gastronomically Yours 


F​ounder : Vincent Decamps




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